Development Strategy
In the era of information, the use and management of information systems is vital. Our goal for future development is to become a leading agent for regional logistics. Our development strategy for information systems will focus on the following five aspects

Build a real-time information collection platform through the use of professional logistics software and ERP system

Build a service platform for clients at both ends of the supply chain by offering full-scale services to VIP clients

Build and improve an EDI exchange platform

Build a digital warehouse system to better anticipate and adapt to changes

Build a CRM platform to streamline processes and provide custom-made service

Guided by our work concept “intensive operations, standard workflows and digital logistics”, Qingdao Joint Hope Line integrates the service chain and optimizes the value chain and the business structure. We focus on three markets: Japan, Southeast Asia, and India and Pakistan, and continue to develop new markets in Latin America and Africa. We will follow the Belt and Road policies pertaining to logistics closely and gradually achieve seamless integration among segmented markets and offer one-stop supply chain solutions. To offer efficient and convenient online and offline experience to clients, we will speed up the building of O2O platform, which features inquiry, booking, shipping schedules, and cargo status functions.