Shipping Routes
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Southeast Asia Shipping Route

The geographical features and products of Southeast Asia near sea areas are very similar to those in China. Its rainforests and monsoon climate make the region rich in natural resources. As China’s trade deficit with Southeast Asian countries is expanding, which boosts the economic growth of the region, the demand for China’s minerals, steel, production equipment, building materials is growing. Thus, a trade market of mutual benefits has been experiencing rapid growth.

We focus on Southeast Asia business and have established a branch company in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, delivering services to countries in the region. Our continuous cooperation bring the volume of import of foods, rubber, minerals and export of electro-mechanical products, metal products and chemicals to 18,000TEU annually.

Japan and South Korea Shipping Routes

Japan and South Korea are both well developed in science and technology, thus demand for machinery, semi-conductors and computer materials is huge. Furthermore, their geographical locations make them dependent on imports of foods. Thus, export opportunities for other countries abound. As Japan and South Korea are short distances away, the operation cost is relatively lower than European countries, another factor to boost the economic ties between China and the two countries. We put trade with Japan and South Korea as one of the priorities for the company. Exports of foods, tools and hardware, metal products, semiconductor materials, and chemicals to Japan reach 10,000TEU per year, and South Korea 14,000TEU.

The Middle East, India and Pakistan Shipping Routes

The Middle East is a transcontinental region between the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean, centered on Western Asia, northeastern Africa and the European part of Turkey. It has long been a strategic crossroad between the east and the west since ancient times, and an important passage for Europe to reach West Asia via North Africa. Now it is a meeting point along the Belt and Road routes. Our company follows the direction of the national economic developments and continues our long-term cooperation with KMTC and RCL Group to export petrochemical products and general industrial products, which has become a new growth point in the company’s operation strategy.

India and Pakistan are neighbors of China to the west. Stable relations between China and India, and Pakistan in particular, contribute to the robust growth of bilateral trade. Though Sino-Indian trade volume does not top the chart, demand for Chinese industrial products and communication and electricity equipment from India remains strong. As India’s largest trading partner, China sees bilateral trade volume rise steadily. Now we mainly export foods, cotton and textile products, and industrial equipment to India and Pakistan.