Integration Scheme of Maritime, Air, Land, Customs Declaration, Warehousing, Bulk and Miscellaneous Cargo Transportation, Super Large Cargo Transportation, Transport Insurance, Dangerous Goods Transportation and Third Party Logistics
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  • Import and Export

    We offer international freight forwarding services and third-party logistics service for imports and exports by sea and air. As the company grows, we adopt a pragmatic, diligent, efficient and professional approach to developing and innovating our services, and have established unique advantages in CFS-to-door service for near-sea shipping, second vessel transshipment, and storage allocation. Our service network covers countries and regions such as Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, India and Pakistan, and we continue to expand our services through cooperating with well-established freight forwarders in an effort to further improve our services. Client satisfaction has been further enhanced with our custom-made services.

  • Import and Export of Dangerous Goods

    We are proficient in providing transport for dangerous goods from Class 2 to Class 9. Currently our service for import and export of dangerous goods is mainly focused on Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, the Middle East, India and Pakistan. Our logistics capacity comprises a whole system from transport of dangerous goods, inspection, loading and unloading, storage, to declaration. We offer you a worry-free experience as our staff will monitor and report the status during the whole process from space booking all the way through to destination port and offer suggestions and any assistance you desire. Our transport system for dangerous goods include an exclusive land freight fleet and two large warehouses for storing dangerous goods in Port area of Huangdao, capable of long-term safe storage of dangerous goods at a low cost. Our expertise in inspecting and declaring dangerous goods can ensure a smooth and fast declaration process. Our loading and unloading team specializes in pallet wrapping, pallet loading, fumigation, packing and reinforcement, marking and labeling of dangerous goods and offer real-time monitoring and photo-taking service. Our highly-qualified operators have in-depth knowledge about the qualities of most chemical products and dangerous goods and the requirements of different carriers to ensure a speedy space booking and offer their professional opinions during the whole process for a safe transport.

  • Container Yard Services

    Container yard services include container loading and unloading, cargo storage, container stuffing and unstuffing, gate-in/gate-out, overhaul, and rental services. Our specialized container yards in and around Qingdao and Huangdao ports are equipped with truck fleets and loading and unloading machinery. Our robust container yard management system realizes real-time inquiries of containers and locations, and provides fast and efficient services. 

  • Storage

    As a major link in international logistics, cargo storage requires consistency in cargo quality and quantity as well as cargo security. Value-added services such as processing, packaging, and labeling can shorten the time for cargo to flow into the market and speed up its sale.

    Two types of warehouses are provided according to the properties of cargo: general warehouse (for general cargo) and special warehouse (for chemicals, or cargo that must be kept away from sunlight or fire).

    General storage warehouse is used for storage, classification, packaging, loading and unloading, and entry and delivery of cargo.

    Bonded storage warehouse is used for storage, loading and unloading of dutiable goods or uncleared cargo, and entry and delivery of bonded cargo. 

  • Ports

    Ports play a major role in the import and export of cargo by serving as the base for loading and unloading as well as transshipment of cargo. Ports have developed from their basic functions of loading and unloading of cargo or ship docking into an integrated service provider of many functions such as loading and unloading, storage, packaging, processing and overhaul.